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How to Effectively Utilize Job Recruiters

The business of job recruiters is seeking out candidates for companies to interview and potentially hire. Getting your name on a recruiter’s radar can be immensely helpful when you are applying for jobs in Columbus. Making that connection isn’t always easy, however. Recruiters receive... Read Full Article

Giving Yourself an Edge by Going Back to School

In the midst of your applications for Columbus jobs, you may be wondering if there’s a way to get an edge over the competition. Going back to college (or attending it for the first time) may be the way to find it. Going back to school can give your current career a boost, or it can help you... Read Full Article

Safe Online Job Hunting Tips

If you are a citizen of the 21st century, you probably will be using the internet as your primary job hunting tool. Use of the web is indescribably widespread, but that doesn’t make it safe all the time. It is however, possible to keep running your search online without putting yourself at risk of identity theft or other pitfalls. While... Read Full Article

Job Hunting Tips for Beginners

If you are a novice job searcher, the job hunting process may seem a little daunting; it can be difficult to know where to start. When applying for Columbus jobs, there are some basic tips you should always keep in mind during your search. If you stick with these, your job searching process... Read Full Article

Identifying Hiring Industries in Columbus

At the start of the job search, there is a simple step to take that will save you time and effort that can be better invested elsewhere. Finding out which companies are hiring will make your job searching smoother, but it also will give your search more focus and it prevents you from wasting your time by applying to businesses that don’t... Read Full Article

Strategies for Columbus Career Fairs

If you are looking for career opportunities there is no better place than a career fair. When you are applying for Columbus jobs take these events into account in order to get a full range of opportunity. Job fairs, however, require their own level of strategy and planning, so here are the... Read Full Article

How to Write Your Post Interview Thank You Letter

In a previous column, we established the importance of sending a post-interview thank you letter. Since crafting that letter is a significant step, we will expand on the details in this article. While you are applying for Columbus jobs, here is how you should go about putting together your... Read Full Article

What You Need to do After Your Job Interview

The job interview is now behind you, but there are still some productive actions you need to take. When you are applying for jobs in Columbus, there are some important post-interview steps that you should look into. Regardless of how well your interview performance was, taking these steps will... Read Full Article

How to Identify Quality Columbus Resumes

If you work in a human resources department, you have probably glanced through your fair share of resumes. There are countless candidates applying for jobs in Columbus, so finding the qualified candidates amidst all of that can be daunting. Here are some key points to keep an eye out for when... Read Full Article

Tips for Columbus Resumes

The first thing you did when you started applying for Columbus jobs, was getting your resume written. But before you send it off anywhere, sit take down and take another good, long look at it. No two resumes will be the same, but there are some basic steps that each one should follow. When the... Read Full Article

Tips for Interviewing by Phone in Columbus

In an increasingly busy world, interviewing by phone has grown increasingly common. A lot of the same basic interview tenets can still help you over the phone, but there’s still other factors to take into account. When you are applying for jobs in Columbus, here are some tips you should... Read Full Article

How Niche Job Boards Can Help Columbus Businesses

Getting a position filled amidst a sea of candidates with varying levels of qualification can be challenging. There are hundreds of job seekers applying for Columbus jobs at any given time, so it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where niche job boards can be tremendously... Read Full Article

Networking in Colombus

Getting to know people within your desired field of work is an important step to get your foot in the door. Going about finding contacts (in other words, networking) isn’t always easy. So when you are applying for jobs in Columbus, and you are looking for networking opportunities, here are... Read Full Article

The Most Persistent Job Hunting Myths

If your hunt for Columbus jobs isn’t fruitful, you will seek out advice (probably online) at some point or the other. There is plenty of good advice to be found out there, but you should also be wary of the flawed logic and the occasional myths that accompany job searching. Here are the some... Read Full Article

How You Should Not Conduct Your Columbus Job Interview

Ensuring that a job interview is productive is as much on you as it is on the candidate you are interviewing. Just as there are good steps to follow and potential mistakes to be made on the part of the interviewee, the interviewer should make the necessary preparations and avoid missteps as well. When the candidate is applying for... Read Full Article

What You Should and Should Not Do During Your Columbus Job Interview

The job interview is where the real work of the application process begins and there’s quite a bit you need to keep in mind when you are interviewing Columbus jobs. There are many things that go wrong during an interview, so here are some things you should do, and some things you definitely... Read Full Article

Tips for Columbus Cover Letters

The two most important things in a job application are the resume and the cover letter. Getting the resume dialed in is priority, but crafting a quality while jobs in Columbus is paramount to your success. Avoiding mistakes and following the right steps will help your letter stand out from the... Read Full Article

Changing Careers in Columbus

If you are growing increasingly frustrated or dissatisfied by your current job, it may be time to change your line of work. Jumping from one career to another is not a decision to be taken lightly, so if you go through with it, here are some goals to be aware of while you apply for Columbus... Read Full Article